Public Relation Services

VH OPTION #1 : $150 Per-Month

 Caters to small start up companies that may just need PR for smaller sections in their brand.

  • Creating a monthly photoshoot campaign for a new collection
  • Handling social media post (keeping social media active)
  • Creating sale pitches for the brand (i.e. flyers for discounts, sales)

VH OPTION #2: $450 Per-Month

Caters to companies that may already have option #1 handled but need more help in other departments to amp their brand.

  • Creating campaign photoshoots and sending them to media outlets
  • Handling social media and emails
  • Creating sales flyers and pitches
  • Creating social media banners to promote brand and engage with viewers

VH OPTION #3: $600 Per-Month

Caters to brands that may be more established and want all services. This option gives you the full PR experience and allows our company to assist in fully running your brand.

  • Creating campaign photoshoots and commercial pitches
  • Reaching out to media outlets for new collections or product placements
  • Creating a look book for wardrobe stylist and pitching brand to showrooms
  • Having the brand featured in photoshoots, events, or on socialites
  • Handling emails, social media
  • Creating social media banners, and any flyers necessary 
  • Creating a email newsletter to be sent out monthly to media outlets (i.e. magazines, blogs, influencers.)